Writing Inspiration: Other Blogs

The best way to get new writing material for your blog is undoubtedly by visiting other blogs in your niche. It might seem counterintuitive, but think about it for just a moment.

By reading blogs in your niche, you get ideas on what to write for your own blog. Not just be seeing vague ideas and topics, but also by the possibility of entering a discussion with other like minded bloggers. When you see a blog post which sparks your writing muscles into activity, try linking to that blog post in your own. Why should you do this? For the same reason you always link to other blogs.

If they see the incoming link, they might pay your blog a visit, and if they like what they see with regards to your post they might respond with a post of their own. In this way, you strike up a kind of conversation, and earn yourself valuable incoming links to your website. You get loads of potential content through the conversation, and potentially loads more visitors to your blog.

At the very least, the comment sections on other blogs might give you fuel for your creative fires. Look at dissenting opinions and maybe you'll find a thought occuring to you that never popped up before. See if you can find points or relevant links in the comments which you can use to your advantage in creating new content for your own website.

Other blogs offer the richest sources of potential topics of blogging, and should be recognised as such.

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